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CycleCount: Cycle and Physical Counting activities through the handheld ensuring optimum inventory levels can be achived through the SmartForce Cycle Count product. Seamless integration with your enterprise system eliminates duplicate and redundant information collection.

Achieve high levels of inventory accuracy with the easy-to-use SmartForce CycleCount product on a handheld.

Allocation of events to Users
Single / Multi Event Download/Upload
Allows Random Counting
Scan either Item ID or Storage Location
Supports scanning Enterprise Item ID/Vendor ID/EAN code.
Upload count data for review while completing the items left in a event
Supervisor can edit/flag items for recount if needed on the PC using browser
Review counts on the browser – Sorted by value / quantity of discrepancies
Manage counted events from the browser
Count exception history report
Workforce productivity reports
Barcode enabled

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