With dedicated and motivated IT professionals, Zintec Software constantly refreshes our results-oriented perspective on processes and technology applications critical factors to thrive in the new economy. The cornerstones of our strategy include:

Build the company around the customer: We do not take our customers loyalty for granted. Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations. We strive to continuously add value by listening to our customers and staying ahead of business and technological shifts enabling us to respond with speed and accuracy to the needs of our customers.

Create new partners: In the new economy, no company can satisfy all its needs alone. Zintec Software recognizes this and has partnered with best-of-breed companies to achieve greater productivity, better costs savings and a higher degree of flexibility.

Creating new value: In an economy built on information, it is critical to extract the most value from existing data. Zintec Software focuses on this by combining its expertise in new technologies with proven experience in existing enterprise solutions.

Creating scalable solutions:In an economy where change is the only constant, Zintec Software is thriving by insuring that the solutions we deliver are stabile, affordable, adaptable and scalable. By keeping technology in focus and delivering on value, we have exceeded customer expectations on every project.

Create first : The ability to move quickly has been a cornerstone of our success. Zintec Software achieves this goal by leveraging our development centers in California, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and India taking advantage of time zones to provide 24 hour development and support efforts when necessary.

SmartForce wireless supply chain product suite is a single solution delivering seamless integration with ERP systems. Designed to reduce time to value, costs of implementation and future proof your supply chain operations

SmartForce architecture is based on a standards-based, build-to-integrate approach that enables companies to rapidly wireless-enable their enterprise supply chain management software.

SmartForce increases productivity and lowers the cost structure for enterprise IT organizations by providing a unified, simplified, and extensible architecture

Unified Architecture
Capitalize on a single, unified solution to lower multiple application deployment costs
Reduce the number of products to learn, integrate, support, and maintain

Simplified Deployment and Management
Increase productivity across the organization
Empower all managers and users to drive RoI
Achieve business objectives, rather than manage technology.

Extensible Architecture
Mitigate your risk by employing a best-of-breed solution
Leverage current and future technology advancements

Operational efficiency in the supply chain can lead to significant benefits for the organization. Extended value generation from investments into enterprise materials management and supply chain systems is possible through advanced technology tools that lead to improved workflow efficiency as well as effective use of information technology.

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