Important Features
Parameter driven – Highly Configurable
  The product is significantly parameter based. This basically means that it is easy to customize the system to your requirements. Many option s are available to be able to also allow individual WDs having their own local configurations, which are allowed a deviation by ITC
Seamless integration with database based enterprise system
Integration is based on XML – the s world standard in integration languages. Any system can be integrated with SmarForce. Significant benefits can be achieved though, if the billing system is database based and allows for a seamless integration. Integration with multiple ERPs through connectors built for each has bee proven with our platform in several customer locations.
Barcode enabled
All applications are barcode enabled. A barcode scanner attached to the device can read any field, which needs to be identified by the user. We can also configure text inputs and any other user inputs to be read through the barcode scanner if required.
Works in both online and offline modes
The system does not assume connectivity to the central server. But it can be configured in such a way that if connectivity exists then there can be a communication going on with the sever. If the connection does not exist, the user can continue doing work as the application and database reside locally.
Easy-To-Use Graphical User Interface
  The GUI designed is based on several years of learning from the field and application of the best to building mobile application screens. The flexibility built into our screens cannot be achieved by any other system without significant time invested into learning how actually things work on the field for a specific customer.
Comprehensive reporting functionality
  The benefits of a mobile application can be derived fully only when the reports generated are of value and can be viewed and distributed with ease. Reporting on the web gives us that flexibility, along with email integration, which allows emailing of individual reports to predefined users. Reporting can also be scheduled as required.